About Us

Gerssy is not only about cool eye catchy T-Shirt. Most of design here at Gerssy are made to express what's on your mind and to make people a special notice of you. A feeling of emotion from others admiration towards you, to make a good look of sense from people you meet and see everyday, to make a good impression of your likes, vision and deep imagination. Some design can also be funny, tricky and flirty. 

To make you feel cool, comfortable, eye catchy and good looking whenever you visits your friends, in gatherings, in gym, in vacation, parties, family or wherever you go.

Aside from attracting emotion our apparel and print quality are high quality and will remain very good wash after wash.

Designs available here at Gerssy.com are own designed or retouched by Gerssy design. There are vectors licensed from external sites specially colored vectors which are remix, modified or retouched by Gerssy design. Gerssy has written approval to incorporate NASA graphic logo to Gerssy merchandise.

                  Express yourself with Gerssy T-Shirts 

Print Warehouse: Los Angeles, CA Office and fulfillment center

Print Warehouse Office and fulfillment center North Carolina